Dr. David J. Mann has over 30 years experience working with children and adults. Dr. Mann is an experienced expert witness, testifying over 200 times. He has conducted over 1500 evaluations in the area of custody disputes and alleged abuse cases. He also testifies as to eyewitness competency of both children and adults in criminal and juvenile matters, as well as, civil litigation involving emotional damage. Dr. Mann specializes in treating dysfunctional families, domestic violence, adolescent crisis, substance abuse, eating disorders, suicide, depression, child abuse, sexual abuse, post-traumatic disorders, attention deficit disorders and general anxiety. He has been the Consulting Psychologist to Orange County Head Start and El Toro Marine Elementary School. His doctoral dissertation was on “Children’s Adjustment to Divorce.” He is a licensed Psychologist, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a retired Educational Psychologist. Dr. Mann holds a Fellowship with Prescribing Psychologists’ Registrar certificate.

Dr. Mann was former Chair of the Orange County Child Sexual Abuse Network (CSAN) and Board Member of OCPA. Dr. Mann is a member of APA and OCPA. He was former Clinical Director of the Adolescent Unit of Charter Hospital Mission Viejo in South Orange County. Dr. Mann is the founder of Psychological Services in Mission Viejo. He has previously been a school psychologist and a special education teacher. Dr. Mann was a former Director of West Orange County Juvenile Diversion Program. He has published articles in professional journals in the areas of children’s adjustment to divorce, suicide and depression, as well as Dr. Mann Picturechildren’s memory and suggestibility. He has been called upon to handle complex custody cases as a Special Master/Case Manager. Dr. Mann has co-authored the book, Saving Kids’ Lives, a handbook for educators and parents. Dr. Mann was touted by Fourth Appellate District, Division Two, as “a highly qualified expert on child sexual abuse.”

Dr. Mann has present workshops for judges, attorneys, and evaluators numerous times at Associate of Family Court Conciliation Courts (AFCC). These presentations were in areas of PTSD with Coercive Controlling Violence in Child Custody Cases; How to Ethical Evaluate Child Custody Evaluations; How to Assess for Domestic Violence as well as other areas.

Dr. Mann was also an Expert Reviewer for the California Board of Psychology for 9 years.  Dr. Mann is married and has two adult children and is an active grandparent of six grandchildren.



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