Coparenting Counseling

The court may require parents, any other party involved in a custody or visitation dispute, and the minor child, to participate in outpatient counseling with a licensed mental health professional. This order is called 3190 counseling. The court needs to clarify their order for therapy to be confidential or non-confidential counseling. Confidential counseling is likely for the clients to be open and free with their issues and work for solutions and insight needed to resolve issues. The disadvantage of confidential counseling is that information cannot be shared with the court in future litigation unless both parties agree or the court orders the therapist to break confidentiality which is highly unusual. Non-confidential counseling is likely to have the clients be cautious about what they share because it could be used in open court. Hence, the clients may be less likely to be solution focused and more likely to be litigation focused. The therapist for non-confidential counseling could then share opinion and facts with the court which could be helpful to the tier of fact.

Dr. Mann can be reached for further information for this service by phone or E-mail.



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